Giveaways and free testing of Inkbird New Release Mini IBS-TH1 Temperature and Humidity Recorder


Hi all,

This week, WE released our new Mini IBS-TH1 Temperature and Humidity Recorder.

Giveaway units

1* Inkbird Mini IBS-TH1

Please leave a comment, WE will pick up the winners next week.

(If you want to test the Mini IBS-TH1 for free,please leave a comment or send me a Personal Message!)

Inkbird Mini IBS-TH1,20% off:Q3EX378A

Original price is €30.99,the deal price is €23.99

April.11th,2018 13:00-April.17th,2018(only for 7 days)

More details:

  • ▶ Mini Design: 1/2 size of Inkbird IBS-TH1,35mmx9mm. Weight: 10g. High precision. Temperature range: -40 ~ 60 ° C (inner sensor). Humidity: 0 ~ 100% RH.
  • ▶ Convenience: The back of Smart Sensor is 3M Paste (No Magnet), easy to attach to the desired location.
  • ▶ Functions: Widely used for a baby room, cigar box, storage room, laboratory, wine cellar, sausage making, bacon-smoked meat, garage, reptile or small animal farming, greenhouse planting and more than you can imagine.


Hi all,

Congratulation to the winner!

Giveaways:1*Mini IBS-TH1

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Hello everyone,

for better understanding @Inkbird, I decided to write this fully in English.

I was given the opportunity to test the IBS-TH1 Mini temperature and humidity sensor, thanks for that. Here is my delayed (sorry) Review.

Getting started:
To get started, you Need to put the battery into the sensor (2 batteries delivered, very good!) and install the app on your Smartphone. After that enable the Bluetooth Connection and start the app, which will pair the sensor and the phone. No Pairing in the phone-Settings necessary.
Unfortunately in my case, that did not work. After some Research, it was clear the first battery was empty. But no Problem since two batteries are added to the sensor.

Daily use:
After a short time waiting after starting the app, it Shows you the current temperature and humidity. They seem to be very much on Point - but if that is not the case, you have the possibility of calibrating the sensor (adding or substracting .X° as you wish). As Long as you are in range, the waiting period is not very Long. I found the app working through my whole Appartement, no Problem with the Bluetooth Connection.
One Thing I thought to be very useful: There is a possibility to Show temperature and humidity in a diagram in the app. This diagram unfortunately does not work at all, once I start the diagram I get the error "no sensor connected" or similar.

It is a very Handy Little tool, especially since it is so small and works over the Smartphone. The best Feature though, the diagram (for example to record night temperatures etc.) unfortunately does not work.

Oben Unten