Berlin Chili Fest : Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th September 2022



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Berlin Chili Fest : Harvest Event @ Berliner Berg Brewery​

Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th September 2022

Entry by donation to cover the costs of the event, for every 5€ donated you will receive a free Berlin Chili Fest official tote bag:

Well-behaved dogs and children are welcomed.

Join us for a day of all things Chili & Craft Beer, come taste some of the best new hot sauce in Europe (and beyond), eat some lovely food, drink some Craft Beer & Cocktails, and have a chilled-out spicy weekend with lovely people.

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Spicy Market Stalls
Fresh Chilis
Crazy Bastard Main Stage
Hot Sauce tasting
Live Music
Berlin Podcast Festival
BBQ & Food Trucks
Beer Garden
Spicy wings challenge
Beer Garden Games
Kids play area
Fire Freak Show


Buy a margarita and we will give you free chili seeds, once you finish your drink, bring back the biodegradable cup and we will fill it with soil for you to plant the chili seeds in and give you instructions on how to germinate them in the cup . In association with CANNA nutrients

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Bring your homemade hot sauce on Saturday afternoon to enter the competition, winners are picked on Sunday through audience vote. (open to non-commercial hot sauce only, conditions apply)



6pm – 8pm : Dj Mala Guetto

8pm – 9pm : Evilyn Frantic presents: Fire Circus Freakshow


6pm – 8pm : 40 watt club

8pm – 9pm : The Dave Adams Threesome / Comedy & Live Funky Music

In association with Crazy Bastard Sauce

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Updated Covid information for the festival:

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Berliner Berg Brewery
Treptower Str. 39, 12059 Berlin

Midday – 8pm both days

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Entry by donation to cover the costs of the event, for every 5€ donated you will receive a free Berlin Chili Fest official tote bag:

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Berlin Chili Fest September 3rd & 4th 2022

The List of sauce providers & friends :

Crazy Bastard Sauce
Pfefferhaus Berlin
Not That Spicy
Piri Berlin
White Whale Sauces
the 420 chilli company
Chili Punk Berlin
Chorrito Sauce
Raijmakers Heetmakers
Wiltshire Chili Farm
Uncle Jonnys Hot sauce
Tipare by gayture
Singularity hot sauce
LASH Fetish Gear
Eckart Saucen
Malpais Hot Sauce
Kamenica Reaper
That Gay Creation
Chiloreo Hot Sauce
Kenko Brands
Umami Japan
Hati Besar
DevilDog Sauces
The Bonnie Sauce Company
Fat Cat Sauce
The General’s Hot Sauce
Ric Orlando’s
Das Güd Spice Co.
Franky’s Best Beef Jerky
Twisted Curry Co
Daniel does food
Edda the Icelady
Just Gembags
Jian Bing Town
Piri Chicken
Oma Dée
Hirsch und Hase
Neck Dart Hotsauce
Mamboooh Hotsauces
Kerrys Scrubbies

plus more friends…
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Berlin Superhot Chili Project: Seed Giveaway
Saturday 3rd September 2022

In assosiatuion with Canna Nutrients

& Chili Punk Berlin

Berlin Chili Fest :

Our plan is to give out 2000 plant pots with soil and chili seeds with instructions for germinating them to get you started growing chilis.

How it works :

1. Come to Berlin Chili Festival
2. Buy a margarita (6€)
3. Choose your free chili seeds
4. Bring back your empty biodegradable margarita cup
5. Canna Nutrients with fill cup with soil
6. Plant your chili seeds
7. Follow the instructions to germinate seeds
8. Repeat until drunk

Then keep everyone updated on your progress by posting photos in the Berlin Chili Growers Group


If you want you can return the fruit to us to make our 100% Berlin-grown hot sauce with other local ingredients.
or Use your fruit to make your own hot sauce and enter the “Berlins best hot sauce competition at Berlin Chili Fest

★★★★★ COMMUNITY ★★★★★

Join the Telegram group chat for this event:

Berlin Chili Growers on Facebook :
Wir waren gestern da.
Es gibt viele interessante Saucenstände, überall darf man probieren. Deftiges und interessantes zur Verpflegung gibt es.
Die frozen Margaritas waren beliebt, aber die Schlange zum Bier leider viiiiel zu lang.

Diese Neck Dart Sauce habe ich erstanden und Beeren von alten und neuen Chilifreunden geschenkt bekommen!
Oben Unten